TANTRA - The Art of Active and Blissful Loving

Freedom to Love Deeply and Connect in ways that you have only Dreamed

Become Bliss Partners!

We offer a safe space and a tasteful approach to sexuality that everyone wants to know but is afraid to ask.

Learn empowering knowledge that brings compassion for each other's pleasure.

There will not be any nude or vulgar presentations or participation.

Discussion Only 

Coaching Meetings, Classes and Parties are currently all done on Zoom. 

After Covid, we will return to having a choice of meeting space - Zoom or in-person gathered around a 

lovely indoor fireplace in our Madison office

For Couples -

- Loving Arts Coaching is the best way to bring clarity to:

- discovering the relationship's love languages

- knowing what you want and knowing what you don't want

- opening the heart and the connection to being intimately seen and heard

- communicating those needs within the relationship

- and therefore bringing you back to being IN LOVE

And here's the icing of the cake:

- lasting, powerful and mind-blowing sex with multiple orgasms for BOTH partners 

- yes, that is correct, multiple orgasms for BOTH men and women!

- deeper and longer orgasms that deepen your connection with your own spiritual bliss, as well as connections with your Bliss Partner

For Singles -

- Loving Arts Coaching is the best way to clear out the past

- change your patterns that have not been working

- truly deeply understand what you do want, and what you don't want

- learn what your love language is and how to protect that in a future relationship

- deepen your connection with your whole Self and with the ecstatic world around you

- connect with the Divine with an open heart

- heal your wounds through pleasure and joy

- find gratitude and happiness in every day

- to become the magnet to attract your Beloved

Sharon and Jim specialize in coaching healthy intimacy, communication and law of attraction. They share their deep heart-felt knowledge and offer guidance for those beginning and those already on the path of spiritual loving and connection - whether you are still looking for your Beloved, or have already found your Beloved. Their wish for you is to have the honeymoon to last forever. 

Learn more about Sharon and Jim here.


With a variety of Loving Arts parties, date night ideas, classes and coach to choose from, you’ll truly be happy, learning, growing and finding your bliss. All options are available online as well as in-person in Madison, WI. In-person parties greater than 30 miles from Madison, WI will incur a small travel fee.

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